The New Artisans

The New Artisans , by Olivier Dupon

Collectable, one-of-a-kind artisanal objects―whether hand-woven textiles or handblown glass―have become a fixture of the modern home; and the artists who produce them are increasingly sought-after. In this follow-up volume to The New Artisans, design expert and lauded blogger Olivier Dupon continues his exploration of the most creative artisans working today.

“The sound of silence in this stunning countryside inspire my working days. Above all, I must be alone.” Manuela can then apply the two cornerstones of her work ethic: persistence (“you spend time felling discouraged and then you have moments of pure ecstasy with the smallest, most unexpected solution”) and discipline (“the ability to strip your life of the superfluous, só that you can dedicate yourself to the essential”).