American Art Collector

Rising talents in Kiln-glass

 “Often people think of glass as simply a shiny and transparent object, but the traveling exhibition “Emerge/Evolve 2014: Rising Talents in Kiln-Glass” breaks that misconception and allows viewers a new look at glass. The show features work by finalists from the 2014 Emerge competition, which was started 12 years ago by Bullseye Glass Company, as well as work by former Emerge artists that highlights their artistic evolution. (…)

The Design Award went to Manuela Castro Martins’ Glass Lace I, which was inspired by traditional women’s lace works. When Martins was a little girl, her mother tried to teach her to make lace works, but being left-handed, Martins’ movements were awkward, causing others to laugh.

“So, intimidated, I never learned to do those kinds of works,” she explains. “Glass Lace I is a tribute to my mother and all the women who make such beautiful works.”


(American Art Collector, February 2015)